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___Steve Foley

evin McKernan
Irish Folk

I moved to Hamburg back in 2005 for reasons that are best explained over a pint of stout and some kind of mournful blues epic. But seriously, I never thought I would grow to love the city the way I have. Due to language complications impacting on my ability to earn decent cash to live off, I turned to my one real talent in life and, with the help of established entertainer (and lead singer/songwriter of the band TODD) Cliff Miller, gradually edged my way into the burgeoning live entertainment scene both here in Hamburg and in the further flung cities and small towns of northern Germany.

For just over 2 years I´ve been playing in front of packed venues, one man and his dog or something in between and it´s proved to be an invaluable learning curve regarding working the crowd and sometimes just battering on even when you don´t feel up to it.
I´ve met so many talented people on my travels and this has really helped rekindle my interest in my old material and sparked the desire to get writing again.

So it is with both these sides of my musical life in mind that I have created this page. To share with those interested all my upcoming gigs and also any new songs of mine. Enjoy and all the best!

Kevin McKernan @ The Old Dubliner:
19.06.2015, 14.08.2015, 31.10.2016, 02.10.2018
Kevin McKernan

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